Açaí for the Berry Lover!

Açaí is a power berry from the Amazon rainforest bursting with antioxidants and vitamins!


Crunchy Millet Granola

One of my favourite cereals to use in a gluten-free diet is millet. Try this gluten-free Crunchy Millet Granola and skip the sugary store-bought ones!

The Life Changing Bread

Gluten-free bread loaf recipe that’s built on sun flower seeds, oatmeal, hazelnuts, flax seeds and psyllium and is easy to make!

Saturday at the Palo Market Fest

Palo Alto Market is an event that is organized in Barcelona once in a month. For the ones familiar with it, it’s a waited weekend each time. Basically Palo Alto Market collects together fashion, design, food and music, and of course people around it! Many smaller scale brands are present in this event, as well as…

Why do we forget to live in the ‘now’?

Have you ever felt like your life is slipping through your fingers and you aren’t able to grasp it? As if you weren’t really living the life you wanted to live. For me it happened a few years ago and I really had to take a moment to think how I wanted to use the time I have here. Why do we forget that our life is here and now?

My first pole dance competition!

I have been practicing pole dance more or less two years now, out of which the last 1,5 years in Barcelona. Until now pole dance has been a sport that I do just for me; a motivator to keep myself fit and healthy, a channel to express myself through movement and a continuously inspiring sport…

Food travel to Mexico!

‘Flautas de pollo’ is a recipe that takes you straight to a taste journey to Mexico with little effort, and without airport waiting times!

Gluten-free zucchini-carrot loaf

A gluten free breakfast bread made of chickpea flour, zucchini, carrot and almond! This cake pleasure comes without any guilt.

Visiting Ibiza

Ibiza is known as an “expensive party-central”. I wasn’t sure what the truth was, so it was exciting to go on a long weekend trip with my friends and see if that’s all there is.

Studying a Master’s degree abroad- My experience

Studying. The lovely excuse to have a break from working!”, I thought about a two years ago when I was going through ways to jump out of the treadmill for a while without  giving up on the career already built. Little did I know what this little break time would grow into!

Avocado pasta

Avocado pasta is easy to make and makes a perfect tangy, creamy, green summer dish!