My Top 10 of morning smoothie ingredients 

Make your smoothie a complete and balanced breakfast! Here are my top 10 ingredients to put into the morning smoothie!


5 reasons to be in Barcelona

Many of us have a dream place where, if everything was possible, we would want to live in. For me, it’s Barcelona! I think this is the best place to be in! I will tell you 5 reasons why to be in Barcelona.

Who am I really trying please here, me or my Ego?

Our Ego strives to shine whereas our spirit might want different things. Today, especially in the Western Society, the main focus is on the external  factors that emphasize the individual: body image, possessions, social status and intellect. But are these really the things that make us happy? Many of us already do well in the sectors of…

Life takes you to… Andalusia!

Life can really surprise you and bring you to places you never thought to exist. And that’s what’s so inspiring in life really. Not knowing where we will end up, but knowing that the possibilities are endless! There’s an infinite amount of people to know, places to see, foods to try and things to do. This…