5 reasons to be in Barcelona

Many of us have a dream place where, if everything was possible, we would want to live in. For me, it’s Barcelona! I think this is the best place to be in! Why? Let me tell you.

  1. Sun.

There is no doubt about the sun being an integral part of life here. The light affects the hormonal levels in the body, and if you are a person getting strongly affected by the weather like me you can feel the effect. As much as the 4-month darkness in the northern countries takes your mojo down, the sun puts a smile on your face just when opening the balcony door in the morning. If you enjoy the sun, you should be in Barcelona.

2.  Social life on the streets

The warm weather takes people outside to have coffee, beer, hangout at the beach and do activities together. Talking to many people living in Spain they can’t understand how people can survive in the northern countries where it’s really cold. They ask me how do people dress to “hang out in the streets in the winter”. What? They are surprised to find out that we don’t hang out on the streets during winter, and that people spend most of their time inside during the cold season. I’m Finnish by heart so I appreciate also my alone-time too, but I do like to know, that just going down on the street I can find neighbours to talk to, neither will it be too difficult to get company out for a drink.

Tapas, ham and cheese, and cava after work in Xampanyeria.
Street food brings you outside to eat! Mexican food is my favourite!

3. The beautiful architecture and street art

One of my favourite things to do in Barcelona is to walk around the city admiring the buildings and becoming inspired of the art and design around me. The streets are a mix of old and new, historical buildings and graffiti. Depending on the part of the city you can see different styles of architecture. Many artists have lived in Barcelona because they have seen the beauty of it and found it inspiring. You can find the art of the most known of them, Antoni Gaudí and Joan Miró, all around the streets of the city, the most famous ones shown in maps and guidebooks.

Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batllo on Passeig de Gracia was covered with roses on the day of Sant Jordi, the day of books and roses.
Piece of street art in Raval.

4. Open air art performances in Ciutadella Park

When you start wandering around the city you can find a lot of street art. My favorite place to hang out is in the Ciutadella park. Starting to walk from the Arc de Triomf there is an esplanade where you can see soap balls flying around, listen to music played with different types of instruments, many young artists practising their skills on skateboards and roller blades and every once in a while there are performers making shows in circus arts. Continuing your way to the park of Ciutadella, you can lie down in the sun while witnessing the hobby groups practicing their acro yoga or tap dance. Go to Ciutadella to spend a relaxed Saturday or Sunday, and you will be surprised of the many ways people expressing their artistic side without the pressure of being perfect. All that is needed is a free spirit, good friends around and a relaxed attitude. You can even go to take part in the exercises!


Tapas, ham and cheese, and cava after work in Xampanyeria.

5. You can escape the busy life of the streets to the beach.

Barcelona has culture, art, business opportunities and numerous bars, but you can’t undermine the importance of the beach. During the summer you can escape the heat from the city environment to the beaches filled with tourists as well as locals sunbathing, having a beer or sangría and hanging out with friends and family. While the main beach Barceloneta is filled with tourists, you can easily escape the crowds to the smaller beaches on the coastline by bus, train or car, or you can just rent a bike to ride it along the beach of Barcelona, where you can also find more quiet spots. The weather allows the beach from May/June until September. The winter months, from October to February are chilly to be sunbathing on the beach (some tourists still do that, but I wouldn’t). 

Barceloneta is the busy beach closest to the center of the city. Many locals avoid coming here, but as a new girl from the North, I enjoyed Barceloneta as much as any beach.
Sangría and friends!
Driving down the coast line from Sitges, one of popular beach destinations close to Barcelona.

And there are so many reasons more that I will tell you about later! If you haven’t yet visited, I recommend you to come. There is surely something for everyone! If you have been here before, you already know why you should come back. 😉


You can find these romantic phrases around the city made by a street artist using cans.*

*”Tu haces que la vida se me vuelva en colores” /“You make my life colourful” 




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    Ihana Kartsi kun kirjoitat ja elät siellä just niin ku haaveilit!! Oot mun the one inspiring girl 😘


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