My Top 10 of morning smoothie ingredients 

We all know smoothies are full of energy and vitamins, so they suit perfectly for breakfast! Smoothies are usually made of just fruits, but a fruit smoothie doesn’t keep your hunger away for long, does it?

So make your own smoothie and enhance it with ingredients that build it into a complete and balanced breakfast! This will keep your hunger away and keep you energised until the next meal.

Here are my top 10 ingredients to put in to the morning smoothie!

Oatmeal flakes keep your blood sugar level even, is gentle to your digestive system in the morning and tastes good.

Chia seeds I put into the smoothie to bring fiber, good fats and texture.

Vegetable milk tastes nice, gives texture and also adds nutritious value. Did you know you can easily make milk yourself out of oatmeal or almonds?


TIP! Put the oatmeal, chia and vegetable milk in the fridge in the evening and you have a healthy base for your smoothie or a nice raw porridge for the morning.

Coconut butter or oil makes your thought run really smoothly! Coconut oil has many advantages: it makes your skin and hair soft, it opens the cells to use your stored energy (read: burn fat), and gives important fats that we need in order for the vitamins to absorb. Coconut is also naturally  anti-inflammatory and if you have yeast in your body, coconut oil will drive it away.

Fruits – Fruits are the must of the smoothie! You can basically put anything you want! I chop fruits in the freezer to be ready for a smoothie, because I want it to be cold. You can use almost any fruit you like, but best ones to combine with other ingredients on the list are peach, banana, pear, melon and…

Berries. Berries are my number one favourite ingredient in smoothies. I miss the frozen blueberries, cranberries, and blackcurrants that we always had in the freezer ready to be blended into the smoothie in Finland. Here in Spain we can enjoy the access to fresh fruits, but there are not many berries available, so I brought dried blueberry and blackcurrant powders from Finland. Not quite the same effect, but works when the frozen component is another fruit. Luckily, I’ve fallen in love with peach as well.


Eggs work as a good source of protein in the morning, and include many good vitamins and fats. I put them in the smoothie raw! I know, someone will be accusing me of getting salmonella or something now… Well, I’ve been doing this many years without any problems, so I’m not sure what the probability is, but if you don’t like the idea, you can cook an egg aside of your smoothie too. However, if you don’t like the idea of eating eggs, you can use peanuts or rice protein powder as you protein source, but remember to add protein in order for your breakfast to keep your hunger away and not shake your blood sugar levels too much! (Remember to always balance carbs, fats and protein.)

Maca -root powder is a definite must in your morning smoothie, if you feel unmotivated, don’t have energy for initiative or feel worn off. Maca cheers you up, boosts up your hormone levels to bring your libido alive again. This drive you get is useful at work, but definitely also cheers up your private life. Start with a small doze like 1 small tablespoon, because the taste is quite different.

Raw Cacao powder brings up your serotonin levels so it literally makes you happy! It also has a lot of iron and vitamins and is known as one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants.

Pollen is the multivitamin of the nature. It’s produced by bees-not by machines, but includes as much vitamins. I like the flavour, but also using it as decoration if I happen to have time to sit down and enjoy my smoothie at home. At least on days off, it’s nice to make the moment special.

If you enjoy the smoothie at home, top it off with raw chocolate chips, cacao nibs, pollen or dried coconut flakes! This gives you something to bite, and that’s also good for your digestion, because actually smoothies should be eaten to activate the digestive system in your mouth already.

Try out for a week, and feel the difference in your energy levels!




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