Should you maintain the status quo in your life?

We often experience fear when things are changing. Status quo, the current state of things, is comfortable, easy and secure. However, that one universal law that we’re all under of is, that change is inevitable. Is status quo then something we should try to maintain in our lives?

Our lives consist of particles that are constantly moving. There are a numerous factors affecting our life and the life surrounding us all the time, which makes it impossible to have things the way they were, “status quo ante”.

Should I hold on to what is ok now, or jump along with the changes of life? Living abroad I tend to face this question often.
The movement creates our brain and body the feeling of discomfort and the need to adapt to new conditions, and on this we base the observation that change is always stressful. No matter if the change is positive or negative, for a moment, you are “stressed out”. Let’s say falling in love for example. That’s proven to put a human being in one of the most stressed out states possible while still being the best things that can happen in life!
 Some people try to reassure the satisfying end-result by control. “If I manage everything that is happening, things will surely end up organizing themselves in the least inconvenient way”. Some of us find comfort and tranquil from believing in greater forces that steer our lives, like religion, while others find another reason to ease their cognitive dissonance- the discomfort of realizing that reality isn’t what we want- and so, justify the current state.

There are techniques that can help in building trust and coping better with changes, such as meditation.
 Should you then just remain the “status quo”, and more importantly “status quo ante” in your life to make sure that things will go as well in the future as they’re going now?

The origin of the phrase “status quo” comes from the 14th-century diplomatic Latin: “in statu quo res erant ante bellum”, meaning “in the state in which things were before the war” (indicating the withdrawal of enemy troops and restoration of power to pre-war leadership). What I’m talking about obviously has nothing to do with war nor politics, but it reveals the idea that actually, status quo came known after the improved state of the situation after a period of things being dangerous and unpredictable. Sadly, war always lead to many horrible losses, but after the period of danger, sadness, losing and insecureness, the society learned, developed and moved on forward. Status quo only existed after the humanity had went through a period of change.

Sometimes all we can do is to trust that our wings will carry us.
I believe, that to hold on to the current status or the way that things were before is not the purpose of life. It’s evident, life will keep changing. We will face discomfort, losses, stress, insecurity and many other emotions creating fear, but that is all natural. That’s the way we learn, develop and move on on personal level and as a society. And we may find amazing things along the way.

So embrace the change and evolve! Because if you don’t, your present state will always stay as it is now. And how boring would life be without some surprises? 😉

Try to find the positive side of the changes in your life and have fun! 🙂

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    1. Hi Kiersten! Thank you so much for your feedback! I really love writing and try to bring ideas into life, as well as talk about things that I think are important. I’m glad you find them relevant as well. /Karoliina


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