How do you talk with yourself?

Remembering to love your body, listening to it and respecting its messages gets neglected in the busy life of today. We get so much pressure from all the channels for improved performance, that sometimes the most important trick for well-being is forgotten:

To ask yourself how do you feel!

Our bodies are uniquely built and we react to external factors differently. We often expect our mind and body to behave as it’s expected to, be effective and at least behave like it’s “normal”. However, we are the only ones who know what’s going on inside us, so we should learn to listen to it’s messages more.  We all have unique bodies and every body responds to things differently!

Don’t go for every quick fix offered by the marketing forces in this world- they know people want to find easy solutions to their problems. Don’t fall to the trap of comparing yourself to others either, because we all react to things in a different way.

Take a moment in a quiet place and have a friendly conversation with yourself.

Rather than going after all the comments, advices and advertisement from outside, take a moment to listen to your self and develop your skills for self-conversation.

  1. Acknowledge how your mind and body behave in certain situation. How do you react for example in stress, or when feeling lonely? How about how do different foods feel when you eat them? Ask yourself and listen to the answer.
  2. Accept. Your body is what it is and your thoughts run the course that they run. It might not always feel like it’s perfect, but it is. It was created to be just the way that it is. If there are some things in your body that you don’t like, don’t turn away from them. Look at the imperfections you have, acknowledge their existense and accept them. Let go of blaming yourself about anything in your body  and life that isn’t just like you want it to be. Punishing and forcing are not ways to find love towards yourself.

    Tell yourself ‘I love you” everyday. It sounds corny, but it works! You’ll gradually see yourself starting to take care of yourself better.
  3. Love and nurture. What self-loving person would ever want to harm themselves? It’s very illogical, but actually a lot of us do it uncosciously all the time. To really start loving yourself and actually taking decisions that are good for you might take a long time. Practise a friendly way of talking to yourself for example in front of a mirror: “You look beautiful today” or “I’m proud of the work you did today.” How many of us know well how to blame and punish ourselves, but when trying to say something positive, it actually is difficult.
  4. Respect. You are already the best version of you and you’re perfect like that. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the opposite. Respect yourself, and others will see it from you. What you have to say is important, and respecting it starts from you respecting it!

Facing the messages from yourself  means becoming more honest to yourself. Its not easy, so give yourself time and patience to do it. But take the time to learn and create a conversation with yourself to strengthen the relationship with yourself, because in the end, that’s the person you will surely be spending the rest of your life with.

Have a lovely week with yourself! 🙂






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