Autumn days and reality checks. How to lift up your spirit when you feel gloomy?

It’s been gloomy last days in Barcelona and today it’s raining. The autumn has reached this sunny city as well, and the weather has gotten a bit colder.

Sun comes up around 9.00 so when I wake up to the classes it’s still quite dark, but it gets lighter while I’m taking my 15 minute walk to school. In the evenings it gets darker around 6-7 p.m. These hours and the amount of sun seen during the day are still veeery nice for a person coming from Finland. I just talked to my friend at Skype and she said it has gotten really cold in Finland… And my mom said they’re already changing to winter tires in Finland! So, I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can talk about the “gloomy days” instead of dark days with nearly minus degrees.

We’ve been having less classes now, as we’re getting closer to the end of the Master’s studies and finishing off our thesis.The budget’s run out and friends from my class are planning their trips home. I’m happy right now, but all the changes get to you.Together with the gloomy weather, it makes you sit down to think about your life and I feel like it’s time to get real. Like it’s time for the end game. 

Reality checks

Sometimes I feel like I just want to run home and there everything would be ok again. How easy would it be to go back to where I was just a year ago and continue my life there! I would have my friends and family close, a job and I would still belong to Finland’s Social Security system.

Well, that probably wouldn’t be the truth in the end. I mean, I don’t know what is the right decision to take, but I don’t think it will work to just pretend that everything that happened during this year wasn’t true. Or actually, everything that has had happened during many years that have taken me here where I am. If I would return, the life would most likely not be as it was before. I don’t want to go for the “easiest” option.

Right now is a period where I really need to pull out the courage and the backbone I’ve built during my nearly 30 years of living and start taking decisions based on what I know works for me, being real and honest to myself and listening to my heart.

How to cheer up your mood?

Gloomy days sometimes make you feel like you’re not really up for anything. For the sake of keeping your job, relationships and your physical and mental condition, you might need a spirit lift like me. Well, let me tell you that there are techniques you can use to cheer up your mood! Basically, they’re all based on “tricking” your brain and hormones. Because that’s basically what the feeling of happiness is.

  • Eat a lot of vegetables. Now it’s the time of sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato juice spinach, and citrus fruits. You need a vitamin boost, and eating colourful vegetables cheers up your plate as well.img_1321
  • Eat raw chocolate.  The natural chemicals of raw cacao lift up your serotonin levels and your mood. And tasting good it also gives you the needed comfort.
  • Make sure you get enough D-vitamin and iron. In Finland, we take D-vitamin as a supplement every winter, because we don’t have sun. D-vitamin is said to keep you mood and your immune system strong, so make sure you get it enough.
  • Exercising and sweating lifts up your spirit! Doing sports in fun, just choose something you like, and feel the effect in your adrenalin. You also sleep better after exercising.
  • Give yourself time. Us humans can’t always be effective and on the run. To balance out those stress periods, it’s important to have some quiet gloomy days. So enjoy them while it’s possible. Under your blanket if you will.
  • Get out of your house and routines! Don’t get trapped inside the depressing thoughts. Although it didn’t feel like it now, things will be brighter, for sure! Get out, take a coffee or go on a run with friends so you’re not too surrounded by your thoughts.

Well I find these tips useful, and I hope You survive the autumn’s gloomy days trying these or your own tips

Here are some photos from last week and actually looking at these really make me smile.:)

This is my new favourite gloomy-day song!   Counting Crows- Colorblind

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