Date-cinnamon-chocolate cake

Christmas traditions. What are they about? When you are living abroad, they are things that make you feel like home. Like this date-cinnamon-chocolate cake I baked, gluten- and milk-free! 😊❤️

What do you need?
250 g dried pitted dates
2 dl water
1,5 dl virgin coconut oil
2 eggs
1,5 dl brown sugar
1 dl vegetable milk (almond)
1,5 dl coconut flour
2 dl gluten free flour mix
2 ts baking soda
1 ts cinnamon
4 drops of vanilla extract
100 g dark chocolate

Cook the dates and water until soft, and add the coconut oil. Mix them well to make a smooth mix. Mix flours, baking soda, and cinnamon together. Beat together eggs and sugar, add vegetable milk and vanilla and finally, mix in gently the flour mix and chocolate chopped in pieces. Put the goodness in a cake tin oiled with coconut oil and coconut flour, and bake 175 celsius 50 min. 


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