My December in Barcelona

In December Barcelona turns into a city full of Christmas lights, commerciality, markets and Christmas traditions that bedazzle. The tourists and locals love to experience this inspiring city also during the chilly winter time. Many students from abroad live exciting times as the year ends and new challenges await. This is what my December was like.


Many of us international students graduate and so did I. This is a major turn-point to many of our lives and  a point to build our lives again. As exciting as it is, it’s not easy. On the day of Graduation we celebrated all the effort put on the studies this year and having to get to know all these amazing people. It has truly been a great experience!

Cheering with EAE Business School Marketing and Sales Masters 2016!

Christmas lights

On the first days of December the Christmas light were lit in Barcelona. The main streets, plazas and buildings are decorated with colorful lights making the city center look like a small Christmas land. Also the barrios have their smaller streets decorated to bring the feeling of Christmas. The balconies have Santa Clauses climbing over them and many homes put up a plastic Christmas tree.

My roommates put up a Christmas tree at my place!

Drinking wine and eating tapas at Christmas markets

Weather is chilly, but the temperatures mainly stay around 15 degrees. There is no snow, but it’s chilly, because of the air humidity and wind. Thanks to the mild weather the street food culture is alive throughout the winter. There is no Glühwine, but cold wine and beer, as always.

Palo Alto market offers amazing food, Aperol Spritz and design. It’s so popular, that this Christmas they arranged two weekends of Palo Alto.

Remembering Christmas time at home

A lot of people living in Barcelona are from abroad. Christmas is the time of year, when you especially think about your family and when there are strong traditions. I’ve been missing many Finnish traditions and foods from home! To relieve the homesick I’ve gone to get smoked salmon, mustard with ham and I even baked a Christmas cake from dates!

Date cake with cinnamon and chocolate that really made me feel like I had a piece of Finland! Recipe is found in my blog also.

International Christmas dinner

We organized our Christmas dinner with the group of my friends to get together in the spirit of Christmas.  We had food from everyone’s countries and we shared gifts from the Secret Santa. Our Christmas dinner was sentimental, because we were not sure, if we would be seeing each other anymore. 😦


Making winter-like things

We found an ice rink for skating in La Farga de l’Hospitalet de Llogrebrat, which is a metro ride away from the center of the city.  This rink is up until the 8th of January and cost us 6,30 euros one hour including the skates, but we had an offer. If was like being a kid again!

When you feel like you’re going too fast, it’s good to have a friend’s hand to hold on to!

Closing the year and making plans for 2017

While there was a lot of work and activities in December, I mainly remember it being the time of trying to figure out what to do next year and being brave. Closing the year means being grateful for all the experiences and people I’ve come across with this year.

My adventure will continue next year in Spain as I’ve decided to stay! I don’t know how it will all go, but I try to live every moment to the fullest and embrace what I’ve found this year. ❤



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