Travel in Spain: Caminito Del Rey – Adrenalin and heights in South-Spain

Giving an experience to another is The New Best Gift! Taking your girlfriend to the most dangerous route in the world however..? Well, that’s just what my boyfriend decided to give me as a gift for the “Reyes”!*  Let me share my experience!

*Dia de los Reyes Magos, “los Reyes”, is the day of the Three Kings, which is celebrated in Spain. The gifts are given on the 6th of January instead of the Christmas Eve.

What is Caminito del Rey?

King Alfonso XIII  opened a trail in 1921, which makes the main part of this walk in the heights. Basically, it’s a 2 to 3 hour hike along the cliff.  It has since been extended and works today as a tourist destination. The pathway is situated in the natural park , and goes along a huge and deep canyon. It’s located in the South of Spain, in the province of Malaga near the city of Ardales and Alora.

Where are you taking me?

I was just a bit mad about having to wake up early, get in a cold car and to have no idea where I’m going. Really hard for a person that wants to be able to plan everything. The sun started rising and warm us up in the car as we arrived in the province of Malaga and to the parking lot of Caminito del Rey.

I stepped out of the car excited and nervous. I smelled the fresh air and saw a lot of forest around. We had arrived into the natural park! As I still didn’t know where we were, I just followed along as we headed to the starting point of the route. There we were given helmets and instructions for the route, and then we were off to go!

Posting on Facebook that I’m on this route didn’t make my mom exactly excited. Especially, when my brother commented on it: “Isn’t this the most dangerous route in the world?“. I actually read this when I was still on the route, and I was like: “Whatt?? Where am I?”.

Me and me boyfriend with the view down to the park from the cliff.

Is it the most dangerous pathway in the world?

Posting on Facebook that I’m on this route didn’t make my mom exactly excited. Especially, when my brother commented on it: “Isn’t this the most dangerous route in the world?“.

Luckily I wasn’t told  about the destination until we were on the route! My boyfriend must have known me well enough to know that I wouldn’t get mad about taking me to the heights, but rather would be excited and remember this experience forever! After all, I do have a little adventurer inside me, who enjoys when the adrenaline kicks in. 

In this photo you can see the old route, which goes below the new one. The old version didn’t have a fence to prevent falling from the cliff! The new route is steady and has a firm fence (the upper one).

Caminito del Rey has a notorious fame as being one of the most dangerous routes in the world. Indeed, this fame has been raised for a reason, because there has been lethal accidents before along this route, when climbers or people walking on the route have fallen.

However, the route has since been fixed. Now the route is stable and has fence all along the route by cliff, so there is no reason to be scared. However, you are still in heights so cautious behavior is important.

Walking along the route

Did I get scared then? Yes, my legs were shaky and I did get scared. On the highest points I preferred to walk grabbing to the wall of the cliff and not looking down to the route, because looking down to the canyon revealed the amazing heights we were at! I was also afraid of dropping my iPhone, because I didn’t have a proper pocket to put it into!

The route is 7,7 km of length in total, and consists of walks by the cliff as well as walking in the natural park. Walking along the cliff you will be amazed of the beauty of nature and the massive mountain.


The people are let on the route each small group at a time. Along the route you can stop to take photos, but be considerate of others walking the path and let them pass. The route should not get too crowded for apparent safety reasons, but mostly the path is a nice stroll. Everyone needs to wear a white helmet to protect from any rocks falling from the cliff. Next to the massive monolith the humans look like ants.

The canyon opening between the mountains is beautiful. Two bridges along the path are the most popular places to take photos, but also the most windy spots.
Near to the finish of the hike we were happy and ready for lunch! 

Should You dare to do this as well?

I recommend this experience to anyone with a good health and a little adventurer inside of them. What comes to the safety of the route, unless you’re extremely afraid of heights, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. There are steps and climbing up and down, so you should be fit to do a bit of a hiking.

If you got excited, here’s a few tips for the route:

  • There are no toilets along the way, so (girls especially), make sure you use the toilets that are found in the starting point.
  • The route is a natural preserve. To keep the surroundings clean, no eating is allowed along the route to prevent littering. Therefore, eat your snacks after finishing the route. Water bottle is advisable though.
  • Make sure your camera or phone has battery for taking photos, and take into consideration that at some points the internet is cut off just in case you’re trying to publish live moments.
  • In the end of the route you find toilets and a restaurant, where you can recover your energy after the hike!

You can find more information of this interesting attraction on the Official website of Caminito del Rey where you can also book your visit! 

I would never had come up with to do myself. Experiences truly make great gifts, and I’m sure not to forget this!

Stop and enjoy the views of your hike. It nurtures your body and your mind.

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