Oatmeal-seed crackers

Do you ever wish that you had something crunchy, tasty and a bit salty snack on hand when you have the “munchies”? By munchies I mean this desire to chew on something, when you’re not really hungry, but want to bite on something. Something that is not chips, deep-fried nuts, or cookies that derail you off of your healthy diet you’re trying to comply.

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to find out a healthier option to top off with cheese, ham and hummus? (We all know dry bread is just a good reason to eat something good on it.) This cracker works both with a good dip such as hummus, or just as it is as a replacement for chips or nachos. This cracker is gluten-, milk, and yeast free and vegan.

The recipe is even too simple. Now it’s easier to do your own snack than to go to a store. And the best thing is that these are healthy! On each bite you intake loads of fiber, good carbs and good fats from the seeds. This is a snack that helps to keep your blood sugar level even. A great option to take to work with you to keep away the hunger in the afternoon hours to prevent you from going for the sugary snacks. Or to add on the snack table on Saturday instead of chips or white bread.

The sea salt chips sprinkled on the top make this cracker more like a snack. You can modify the amount of salt according to the situation, and you can even spice these with herbs such as oregano or throw in some that now so trendy kale!

Save the crackers in a jar. I must say though that mine have never survived so long that I would’ve needed to move them from the serving plate to a longer preservation.

This recipe is not only easy, but versatile. Depending on what you’ve got on hand at home, you can use any seeds you like to! Sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, chia, flax..you name it! You may also want to replace the oatmeal with only using seeds, and you can totally do that as well. I like the creaminess oatmeal brings to the texture.

Oatmeal-seed crackers

  • 2 dl rolled oats
  • 1/2 dl chia seeds
  • 1 dl flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (I used crushed)
  • 1 dl chickpea flour
  • 1 dl corn flour
  • 2 tbs psyllium
  • 2,5 dl boiling hot water
  • 0,5 dl oil (sunflower, coconut or olive)
  • 1/2 ts Himalayan salt
  • Sea salt on the top
  • (herbs)

Put the oven to heat up to 175 Celsius in a normal oven. Mix together all the dry ingredients. Pour in the hot water and the oil and mix everything. Tap the dough on a baking paper to an even layer. The thinner the dough the crispier the texture for the cracker. Cut the servings already to make it easier to brake it down to pieces and push a few holes with a fork. Sprinkle some sea salt on the top.

Bake in the oven for about 40-60 min depending on the thickness of the cracker. Keep an eye on it! Let it cool down before cracking the pieces and preserving it. Enjoy as it is or with a good hummus!



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