Why do we forget to live in the ‘now’?

Have you ever felt like your life is slipping through your fingers and you aren’t able to grasp it? As if you weren’t really living the life you wanted to live. For me it happened a few years ago and I really had to take a moment to think how I wanted to use the time I have here. Why had I forgotten that my life is here and now?

1) Life is a list of to-do’s

Today’s life is a chore that we’re trying to finish as fast as possible thinking that we could enjoy the life after getting things done. We need to be efficient and awesome in our work, active on our free time, take care of our home and personal relationships, while being present and taking care of ourselves. No wonder we’re tired! Today’s culture suggests a person to excel in all areas of life. The problem is, the tasks are never-ending and we find ourselves filled with “to-do’s” without never finally having any time for relaxing or having fun.

But we all know the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and as all the sayings, this one also has a truth behind it. If we spend our days always just executing, being effective and becoming a better version of ourselves, it kills our soul. It destroys the childish excitement of new things. We need to be lazy sometimes to get some rest. We need to party with our friends, because we need to have fun! Only then is our mind and body receptive to notice new things, to get inspired. Idleness is even the requirement to become creative.

2) We’re expecting a reward for all our hard work

In the end, many of us find ourselves accomplishing our lives without ever getting the long-waited reward. If you’re using your days in a hurry running after recognition by others, acceptance by others or receiving a title that is not truly important for you, then you should stop and think if that’s really what you want to use your precious life for.

The objective of your efforts should be coming from you, not from an external source. No one will ever give you the golden crown in the end of your accomplishments.  So make damn sure you’re filling your days with tasks that you’re doing for a purpose that’s important to YOU. Is that long-waited reward really worth all the effort given to accomplish it? 

3) We haven’t done concrete changes in our time-usage

It’s already nine o’clock! It’s already Sunday, again! It’s already winter again! I’m already 30 years old! The time always seems to pass faster than we think. Make sure you’re using it wisely.

We have responsibilities, that we need to take care of. True. But we also make ourselves responsible for things, that are not real. We make ourselves busy, because its trendy!

We can’t change everything on our daily schedule, I mean we still need to work and clean up, but we can change a lot of things. Concentrate on what you can have an effect on! Make decisions everyday that bring you closer to the truth. Plan your time usage, to make sure you find time for the important things. Listen to the voice of your heart. If it really matters to you, you’ll find time for it.

I love wondering around the streets in Barcelona. There are so many beautiful corners like this, but I don’t even notice them when I’m too busy or stressed.

4) We are not clear with our priorities

If you want to do something in your life, do it now. Like one friend told me once: It’s not like you’re getting any younger. (Funny, but true!)

We need to consciously think about the priorities in our lives and then plan them into the daily activities. Don’t leave things undone that you’re not doing now because “you don’t have time”. Don’t forget to spend time with the most important people in your life. Don’t postpone starting the hobby you always wanted to do. You might soon be ill and not be able to move or to say the things you want to say.

Your life is a gift and you have only one chance to live it, so make it as good as you can. The time is not coming back and that’s why it’s so precious!

5) We forget that it’s about the journey, not the destination

While we change and grow, the goals and priorities in our lives change. Try to build a life to which you can wake up with a smile and don’t want a holiday away from. Appreciate everyday and be grateful for what you already have. Actually, this is what the life is. Living everyday surrounded by people we choose in our lives, in the environment chosen, and doing things that we decide to be doing. No more and no less.

Remember that we are just human and we are not perfect, but we don’t need to be either. In the end it’s not about doing a perfect performance but about the journey. So live it full. And enjoy it. It’s your life!! Live, laugh and love. That’s what really matters. ❤

I’m still on my way to reaching the goals I dream to reach one day, but I’m trying to enjoy this journey without being too focused on the end result. Everyday is an opportunity to grow, every failure is a chance to learn and every person I meet is a part of this journey. 



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