Saturday at the Palo Market Fest

Palo Alto Market is an event that is organized in Barcelona once in a month. For the ones familiar with it, it’s a waited weekend each time. Basically Palo Alto Market collects together fashion, design, food and music, and of course people around it! Many smaller scale brands are present in this event, as well as multicultural foods that are not found in restaurants. The music played in Palo Alto Market collects people to dance around it and wha’s great in this event, is that also families with children can attend.

As Palo Alto has become such a popular event, this weekend it has grown into a complete 3-days festival. Changing place from the regular Poble Nou surroundings to Fabra i Coats in Sant Andreu, Palo Market Fest offers this time even more possibilities to discover inspiring acts of music or art, shop vintage or small scale design and try out exotic flavours.

I went to Palo Market Fest yesterday.

The central area in Fabra i Coats was full and offered many options for lunch to choose from.
The food offering at Palo Alto is fresh and hand-made. Here fresh tortillas are in the making.
There’s no better tacos than in La Antigua de Mexico. Guacamole is fresh, salsas are self-made, and meats are well-cooked.
Lunch table with some Mexican food and pulled pork burgers.


There was many great artists playing. We saw Tee Amara, which is a Spanish R&B and Kumar, who just knows how to make people relax and have fun.

The Palo Alto Festival is still open today on Sunday. The access to the festival was online 7e/ 9 euros from the door. You can get there with L1.

If you can’t go now, check out the next Palo Alto from Facebook!  The entrance is normally cheaper. I recommend it also if you’re just travelling in Barcelona. It’s a nice way to spend a Sunday!

Remember to come in hungry.😊



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