Food travel to Mexico!

‘Flautas de pollo’ is a recipe that takes you straight to a taste journey to Mexico with little effort, and without airport waiting times!


Gluten-free zucchini-carrot loaf

A gluten free breakfast bread made of chickpea flour, zucchini, carrot and almond! This cake pleasure comes without any guilt.

Visiting Ibiza

Ibiza is known as an “expensive party-central”. I wasn’t sure what the truth was, so it was exciting to go on a long weekend trip with my friends and see if that’s all there is.

Studying a Master’s degree abroad- My experience

Studying. The lovely excuse to have a break from working!”, I thought about a two years ago when I was going through ways to jump out of the treadmill for a while without  giving up on the career already built. Little did I know what this little break time would grow into!