Visiting Ibiza

Ibiza is known as an “expensive party-central”. I wasn’t sure what the truth was, so it was exciting to go on a long weekend trip with my friends! We only stayed three days, but we got to see many things and were left with a great memory from Ibiza.


We flew from Barcelona-El Prat airport to Ibiza and the flight lasted approximately 50 minutes. From the airport we jumped into the bus that took us near our hotel. We stayed in an apartment hotel, on the Sant Antoni part of the island.


Ibiza is in the end quite a big island. To get on the other side of the island it takes about 30 min by car. Buses run, but not very frequently and not always following the timetables. The most popular ways of moving around are to rent a scooter or a car. Taxis are not so cheap, but if it happens so, that your bus doesn’t appear, you know that option exists as well.

The main harbor has a lively walking street full of restaurants and some shopping to spend your time in while waiting for the ferries to leave.

The beaches

The beaches were my favorite part of Ibiza. Well, I like the beach so it’s no surprise! We found clear blue water, white sand and we were lucky to have an amazing sunny weather so we could stay at the beach until the sunset.

One day we traveled to Formentera, which is a smaller island next to the Ibiza and often recommended to be visited to see its beaches. We got there by taking a ferry from the harbor. The prices go from 20 euros Ibiza-Formentera-Ibiza to 46 euros depending on the company and the time you want to leave. Check the schedules before arriving to the harbor if you want to make sure to catch the more affordable one! The beaches were stunning, but the travelling takes time so prepare with having water and snacks with you.




On the other day we took a bus from Sant Antoni to Cala Conta Beach (Platges de Comte), which is one of the popular beaches in Ibiza. It was full of people, but we didn´t mind. We spent the day swimming, and lying in the sun, and by the end of the night the beach calmed down to watch the sunset.

Cala Conta in near Sant Antoni part of Ibiza.




There are many different types of restaurants to choose from on the island. As tourism is popular on this island, many of the menus are planned for all tastes. I was surprised how well prepared and big the portions were while being still cheaper than a normal lunch in Barcelona. I usually had a breakfast or brunch for 8 euros and a dinner pretty much the same price. In the harbor you can find all international brands, such as Burger King or Pizza Hut.


The reputation of having great parties is earned. There was a lot of parties on offer, and if you like clubbing, there are many big clubs offering famous DJ’s, such as Pacha, or the Amnesia. The only down side is the price of the entrances goes from 20 euros up to 80-100 euros. We chose to have fun on a budget, so we didn’t get to see the biggest parties this time, but we did find fun local bars in the Sant Antoni, and also a bar street in the area of Western (read: a lot of drunk young people).

The expensive party-central?

There was a lot of parties and it was relatively expensive. However, it was also stunning beaches, beautiful and peaceful sunsets, couples enjoying their dinners and families with children having a well-deserved vacation.

As in all touristic destinations, you can always find a cheaper option, and with some preparation, travel comfortably even on a budget. The most important thing is to jump on the plane with an open mind and enjoy the moments with the people you’re travelling with. That is what makes any travel destination just perfect!

Flexibility training of the day.
Formentera sunset and the travellers.




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