My first pole dance competition!

I have been practicing pole dance more or less two years now, out of which the last 1,5 years in Barcelona. Until now pole dance has been a sport that I do just for me; a motivator to keep myself fit and healthy, a channel to express myself through movement and a continuously inspiring sport…

Why do we forget to live in the ‘now’?

Have you ever felt like your life is slipping through your fingers and you aren’t able to grasp it? As if you weren’t really living the life you wanted to live. For me it happened a few years ago and I really had to take a moment to think how I wanted to use the time I have here. Why do we forget that our life is here and now?

Why I think everyone should move abroad?

Today there are a lot of possibilities to go abroad and many of us are facing a moment when they’re thinking about trying it.

I want to help you make your decision by sharing 10 things I’ve learned all those five times I’ve lived abroad, and even more, from those four times I’ve come back home.

5 things I learned about rushing life

Have you ever found yourself in a life situation where you just want to speed up things so you can get to the conclusion?

The year of Master’s studies in Barcelona is coming to an end for One Inspired Girl… Will the life in Barcelona come to an end too? What is the conclusion?

Why I stopped running after achievements?

The race to reach happiness through achievements is never-ending, but will never get you there if your motives aren’t aligned with your heart’s desire. Happiness is not dependent on appraisal of titles and credit or approval from others. My story tells how I found happiness from the voice of my heart instead or external recognition.