Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Use your ripened bananas to do this moist and gluten free banana bread!


Gluten-free zucchini-carrot loaf

A gluten free breakfast bread made of chickpea flour, zucchini, carrot and almond! This cake pleasure comes without any guilt.

The Life Changing Bread

Gluten-free bread loaf recipe that’s built on sun flower seeds, oatmeal, hazelnuts, flax seeds and psyllium and is easy to make!

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

The person that first thought about combining peanut butter and chocolate chips and bake them into cookies was genius! These crispy and nutty cookies are so delicious that you need to walk away from them already when they’re still a dough. No diet food, but friiiking good!!

Oatmeal-seed crackers

Here is an easy, fast, versatile and delicious recipe for crackers made with oatmeal and seeds!

Date-cinnamon-chocolate cake

Christmas traditions. What are they about? When you are living abroad, they are things that make you feel like home. Like this date-cinnamon-chocolate cake I baked, gluten- and milk-free! 😊❤️ What do you need? 250 g dried pitted dates 2 dl water 1,5 dl virgin coconut oil 2 eggs 1,5 dl brown sugar 1 dl…

Peachy Oatmeal Cookie Bars

These oatmeal cookie bars don’t include refined sugar and are made of natural and gluten-free ingredients. They’re great for a breakfast or a snack when you need some extra oatmeal energy On The Go! 2 dl oatmeal flakes 1 dl rice milk 1 egg 3 dried peaches or dates chopped in pieces 2 tbs crushed…

Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter stripes 

This brownie cake gets its marble-stripes and salty-nutty addition to the flavour from peanut butter! 200 g dark chocolate 1 dl coconut butter 1 dl cacao butter 2 dl coco palm sugar or brown sugar 1 ts vanillin sugar or vanilla 3 eggs 2 dl gluten-free flour (I used  flour for this, but you can…