Oatmeal-seed crackers

Here is an easy, fast, versatile and delicious recipe for crackers made with oatmeal and seeds!


Travel in Spain: Caminito Del Rey – Adrenalin and heights in South-Spain

Caminito del Rey is known as one of the most dangerous routes in the world! Is it? Well, I was taken on it and now I can tell you my experience. And to answer the question, there was no real danger except being high, very high above a canyon..

Veggie pancakes

One of my new year’s resolutions was to learn to cook vegetarian dishes. Last week, I tried out these vegetarian pancakes, which turned out really nice!

Beetroot hummus

I am in love with beetroot. It’s sweet, it makes pink food and is full of health benefits for you. It’s one of the best detox foods and it known for being an excellent source of folic acid, manganese and potassium, as well as fibre. One of my favourite foods is hummus which you can include in pretty…

My first ever Christmas in Spain

On my first ever Spanish Christmas I got to learn what is the difference of this holiday in Finland and Spain and had the chance to learn new traditions.

My December in Barcelona

In December Barcelona turns into a city full of Christmas lights, commerciality, markets and Christmas traditions that bedazzle. The tourists and locals love to experience this inspiring city also during the chilly winter time. Many students from abroad live exciting times as the year ends and new challenges await. This is what my December was…

Date-cinnamon-chocolate cake

Christmas traditions. What are they about? When you are living abroad, they are things that make you feel like home. Like this date-cinnamon-chocolate cake I baked, gluten- and milk-free! 😊❤️ What do you need? 250 g dried pitted dates 2 dl water 1,5 dl virgin coconut oil 2 eggs 1,5 dl brown sugar 1 dl…

5 things I learned about rushing life

Have you ever found yourself in a life situation where you just want to speed up things so you can get to the conclusion?

The year of Master’s studies in Barcelona is coming to an end for One Inspired Girl… Will the life in Barcelona come to an end too? What is the conclusion?

Peachy Oatmeal Cookie Bars

These oatmeal cookie bars don’t include refined sugar and are made of natural and gluten-free ingredients. They’re great for a breakfast or a snack when you need some extra oatmeal energy On The Go! 2 dl oatmeal flakes 1 dl rice milk 1 egg 3 dried peaches or dates chopped in pieces 2 tbs crushed…

Why I stopped running after achievements?

The race to reach happiness through achievements is never-ending, but will never get you there if your motives aren’t aligned with your heart’s desire. Happiness is not dependent on appraisal of titles and credit or approval from others. My story tells how I found happiness from the voice of my heart instead or external recognition.

Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter stripes 

This brownie cake gets its marble-stripes and salty-nutty addition to the flavour from peanut butter! 200 g dark chocolate 1 dl coconut butter 1 dl cacao butter 2 dl coco palm sugar or brown sugar 1 ts vanillin sugar or vanilla 3 eggs 2 dl gluten-free flour (I used  flour for this, but you can…