When I create recipes, I do it with love.

I’m a hedonist and always seeking for pleasure, so I think food should taste good. However, I want to feel good after eating as well, in the short- and long run. That’s why I follow some principles in my diet, which are reflected on the recipes.

I have been a celiac since 13-year-old, so I’ve been on the watch for any recipes replacing the traditional foods, but also the new gluten free food trends. All my recipes are therefore naturally free of gluten.

I enjoy doing sports and I know it’s a lot more fun when you have enough energy to do it and recover well, so I especially like foods that can improve performance and improve recovery from training. I often use super foods to get super nutrition easily!

When hungry, I get cranky and tired, which nobody likes, so I’d rather eat foods with a low GI, that is, foods that have less effect of the blood sugar level. If a recipe as itself includes too much carbohydrates, I’ll try to create ideas to balance the meal with protein and fat to avoid the rush up, and down.

Basically I love fresh, tasty, healthy foods and like creating recipes so I hope you can find inspiring ideas for yourself!