Studying a Master’s degree abroad- My experience

Studying. The lovely excuse to have a break from working!”, I thought about a two years ago when I was going through ways to jump out of the treadmill for a while without  giving up on the career already built. Little did I know what this little break time would grow into!


Saturday at the Palo Market Fest

Palo Alto Market is an event that is organized in Barcelona once in a month. For the ones familiar with it, it’s a waited weekend each time. Basically Palo Alto Market collects together fashion, design, food and music, and of course people around it! Many smaller scale brands are present in this event, as well as…

Why I think everyone should move abroad?

Today there are a lot of possibilities to go abroad and many of us are facing a moment when they’re thinking about trying it.

I want to help you make your decision by sharing 10 things I’ve learned all those five times I’ve lived abroad, and even more, from those four times I’ve come back home.

My December in Barcelona

In December Barcelona turns into a city full of Christmas lights, commerciality, markets and Christmas traditions that bedazzle. The tourists and locals love to experience this inspiring city also during the chilly winter time. Many students from abroad live exciting times as the year ends and new challenges await. This is what my December was…

Why I stopped running after achievements?

The race to reach happiness through achievements is never-ending, but will never get you there if your motives aren’t aligned with your heart’s desire. Happiness is not dependent on appraisal of titles and credit or approval from others. My story tells how I found happiness from the voice of my heart instead or external recognition.

5 reasons to be in Barcelona

Many of us have a dream place where, if everything was possible, we would want to live in. For me, it’s Barcelona! I think this is the best place to be in! I will tell you 5 reasons why to be in Barcelona.